So, we went down to check out the Toronto Young Street festival a couple of times this weekend. (One of the venues was 2 blocks from my house). Saw Great Big Sea playing down at Young and Dundas Square. Was a pretty good concert, with some freaky huge giraffes in the background. Seems that Toronto has a new branding scheme: Toronto Unlimited it has a pretty good video associated with it that they showed.

In other news, I had to go pick up a cable modem, which apparently dosen’t work in my house as the signal strength isn’t strong enough. At which point Rogers said my cable would be down for a week. We then proceeded to argue with them for about an hour until they give us the old modem back until they fix the new one.

I sat down and wrote the trigger code for Ewl on the weekend, twice. The first time it wasn’t going as I wanted, and was a bit sloppy so I saved it away and started again. The re-write went pretty quick, I like the way it came together. Now, if only it worked at all, heh. I’ll have to keep playing with that a bit I think.