So, I spent some more time working on the Ewl_Text widget. I’ve managed to get the selections to show again after a lot more effort then I want to think about. There are still a few small issues with them that need to be worked out, but their pretty close again. Which is nice after all the effort to get them there.

I think next up is getting the cursor to react correctly to the end of the line. After that I’ll probably let text sit for a while and digest. There are issues with overlapping styles and fonts and things, but aren’t killers at the moment as I think only the ‘text editor’ test uses those features, heh.

After I move off of the text stuff I think I’m going to break the Ewl_Filedialog API a bunch. My current plan is to take what is current Ewl_Fileselector and move that to Ewl_Filelist. I will then move Ewl_Filedialog to be Ewl_Fileselector. I will then make a new Ewl_Filedialog which is actually a dialog window, oh, the horror. Once that’s done we may do some remodeling of the filedialog. We’ve been looking around to see whats out there and currently the OSX one seems to be catching the most interest. We’ll have to see, that’s a bit of a ways off. But, I want to get this API break out of the way as we’re getting a few more uses of EWL and I want the API to be at least pseudo-stable for them.

We’ve been making some pretty good progress in the memory usage and allocation department lately. With the last round of changes raster put into evas starting the ewl_test app as dropped from around 70k allocations to 22k. We’ve also dropped a shit tonne of memory usage over the last few months as we’ve gone back and analyzed data structures and re-written chunks of code to be more streamlined.

So, all in all, this sucker is shaping up nicely.