I’ve done a bit of traveling over the last few weeks. Which is one of the reasons I’ve fallen behind with the blog yet again.

First up, Stacy and I rented a van and toured down to Niagara Falls to meet up with Nathan and Missy. A good time was had by all. We went to this Brazilian bar-b-que place called the Copacabana which was really, really good. This was the second time I’ve had the meat-spear-brought-to-your-table type dining. If you’re looking to eat a lot of good meat, it’s a good choice.

After Niagara Falls I went down to Seattle for a few weeks of work. Interestingly enough, I got invited out to another Brazilian bar-b-que called Ipanema which was again, really, really good. Seattle is a fun place to visit. There is a goodly amount of rain, but Seattle rain isn’t real rain. If you happen to be in Seattle and looking for a coffee you should check out Caffe Ladro. They make a good cup. You can pick up bags of beans as well, if you were looking for a gift for Stacy, heh.

In the middle of my Seattle stay I went over to LayerOne a security conference in Pasadena. My god, it’s hot in California. It was something like 109F while we were there. My talk seemed to go over pretty well. A few people came up to talk about it afterwards which is always nice. Hopefully the video will get put online soon so I can see how I did for myself. Overall, LayerOne was a lot of fun. Those guys sure know how to throw a party, er, conference. If you happen to be in the area next year you should check it out.

So, that’s it for a few weeks. I believe I’m due to spend another week in Seattle next month. Hopefully Stacy will be able to fly down with me and work from coffee shops or something. Would be a nice little working vacation.