Well, I’ve been working on the site a bit over the last few weeks. Almost ready to get some stuff put up here. Not much that will be visible to visitors of the site, I guess the main thing that you’d care about is I’m adding comments.

I’ll have to see how it goes with spam and all that stuff. I may end up trying to hook it into Akismet to do the spam handling for me. It will depend if I end up getting a shit-tonne of spam or not.

But, on the backend a lot of stuff has been cleaned up, I’ve got the quotes section nice and slick and AJAXified. The news has an auto-preview feature that works pretty well.

I’ve spent a lot of time pulling out anything that’s eb specific and putting it into a settings module. Well, into the database, out to a module, partially in the database partially in a module, and finally, just in a module. The plan is that I’ll be able to use the exact same source and setup a site for Stacy. Still have to finish the design on that one tho.

Anyway, in theory once I get that stuff done I’ll tackle the photo gallery. But then, I’ve been planning on tackling the photo gallery for about a year now. We’ll see where that goes.