Ok, I’ve changed the trigger calls a bit on suggestion from Nathan. I got rid of the ewl_text_trigger_add and ewl_text_trigger_del calls. You can add and remove triggers just by calling the ewl_container_child_append and appending the trigger into the text widget. It’ll do the right thing from there. Keeps the API smaller and cleaner.

I also changed the ewl_widget_appearance_get to return what was set with _set and added an ewl_widget_appearance_path_get to return what _get was originally returning. API makes more sense this way. This also means I can remove ewl_widget_appearance_single_get as it is now redundant.

Other then that, a few bugs and warnings cleaned up. So, next up I may try to get the multiline triggers up to speed, which shouldn’t be too bad. Then if I have the energy maybe doing the selection code. Once that’s done I think I can let Ewl_Text sit for a little while so people can shake the bugs out.