With a month of silence, in rings 2008. Its been a hectic few weeks. Christmas, weddings, new years, vacation, lots of things going on. None of those being blogging.

Too much stuff to really catch up on here. Hopefully I’ll be better at this in the new year. Tho, I wasn’t doing so bad last year I don’t think.

Anyway, been playing a bunch of video games. Just finished Jericho. Was pretty fun, you don’t get many achievement points on the normal setting but that just means I’ll need to play parts of it again. Spent a good chunk of time the last few days reading Black man by Richard Morgan. Good book so far, I’m almost at the end. That said, I’d recommend his other stuff over this one, Altered Carbon was fantastic.

Not quite sure what to expect in the new year. But, it should be fun.