So, I’m back in the city again for a while. In case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, I spent a week in Owen Sound gaming, drinking, and doing other geeky things. I then ended up in North Carolina for two weeks for business related things.

North Carolina wasn’t bad except for the fact that I got threatened with arrest for taking pictures of some of the buildings downtown. I checked afterwards and it isn’t actually illegal to take pictures of buildings in the States yet but, I also read that if you argue with the cops they’ll find some other reason to arrest you.

The whole thing was pretty stupid since all it really did was stop me from shopping. I was downtown looking for something for Stacy and after the incident just went home. Talk about destroying your tourism dollars.

Anyway, got back from the States and had Owens bachelour party at my place on Saturday. That was more drinking, youtube videos, and a large quantity of Guitar Hero II. I bought a second guitar just for some hot guitar-on-guitar action. Hit up a few bars afterwards with a live band playing at the Hideout which was pretty cool.

That’s about it for now. Off to Owens wedding on the weekend and then I think we actually have a couple weekends without anything penciled into them. So, video game time, heh.