Well, Stacy and I were out being good consumers tonight. We went down to the Eatons center after work and picked out our wedding rings. Mines titanium which I think is kinda cool. Stacy got a really nice one that matches the engagement ring really well.

Along with the rings I also finally broke down and bought a pair of Birkenstocks. I haven’t actually owned sandals in about 10 years or so. Will be a bit of a change for me. I’m used to combat boots or docs.

I’ve been trying to buy a nice jacket for a few weeks not. Not a suit jacket but something that looks like that. Something kind of dressy but also casual. I realized today while looking for one why I hate shopping. It seems like 9 times out of 10 I’ll see a jacket or something that one of the maniqueins is wearing in the window and think, that’s really nice, I’d like that. So, I go into the store and lo and behold, they don’t actually have that jacket. Not on the shelf anywhere. I don’t get it, why display it if you don’t carry it? What’s the deal?

Anyway, I’m just killing time until World of Warcraft comes back online. Back to surfing the inter-tron.