I’ve been a big fan of Chuck Palahniuk for a while now having read through Fight Club, Invisible Monsters, Rant and a few of his other books. So, it was with great expectations that I cracked open my copy of Snuff.

Snuff is a pretty quick read. I finished most of it on the flight to Seattle, I think I had about 20 pages left when I landed to get through. The book felt really similar to Rant in terms of how it was written and the way the story is presented.

Which was good, as I like the way Rant was written, heh. Snuff was good, it’s the typical tale of a woman trying to set the world gang bang record. Wholesome sunday reading at its best. There are a few twists and turns but the story is pretty straight forward.

I’d say, if you liked Palahniuk’s other works, you’ll probably like this one so go give it a read.