You know, I liked this book. If you had asked me when I initially started reading you probably would have gotten a different answer. The one main issue I had through the book was the short sentence writing style. Everything is short sentences. That’s the one thing that drove me up the wall with The Mirrored Heavens. Don’t get me wrong, that style works really well in the action sequences in the book. Just not for an entire book. I stuck with it because the story was interesting and I wanted to see where it went.

I’m glad I did.

This is the first novel by one of Stacy’s fellow Clarion West 2007 class mates. Stacy had picked it up when it was first published and mentioned I’d probably like it.

If you’re looking for a good sci-fi book, lots of action, interesting plot lines and can get over the short sentences, I’d say give it a whirl.