I’ve installed Solaris Express build 27 on my normal desktop machine with the eventual goal of getting OpenSolaris installed on there. But before that I’m trying to get a bit of the EFL installed so I can do some dev work on EWL again.

So, what have I needed to do so far. Install automake, autoconf, libtool, m4 and make. With that I was able to configure EET. When doing the build I got: false cru .libs/libeet.a eet_lib.o eet_data.o eet_image.o eet_memfile.o gmake: *** [libeet.la] Error 1 And with a bit of digging it seems that configure didn’t find ‘ar’ so it used ‘false’ instead. Adding /usr/ccs/bin to my path and re-running configure seemed to fix that up nicely. After a quick install of ‘sudo’ EET installed nicely.

Oh, and in case your wondering, I’m doing this the hardway and grabbing the packages from ftp://sunfreeware.mirrored.ca/i386/5.10/ as I need them. I know about pkg-get and blastwave, but I don’t like blastwaves tendency to want to install it’s own copy of everything. I don’t want duplicate copies of all that shit on my system.

Hopefully benrs notes (http://cuddletech.com/porting/e17.html) will get me through the rest of the libraries and apps. If I run into anymore gotcha’s I’ll stick em here.

Update: When I wanted to build Epsilon I required pkgconfig to be installed. (Make sure you run autogen again if you’ve run it before installing pkgconfig)