Well, its been a while since I posted. Lots of stuff happening, not much time. I’ve been on vacation for a week. Went to a wedding 2 saturdays ago for some of stacy’s friends which was pretty good. Then did little of anything for a few days. Went to a Solaris code camp for some info on Dtrace and other goodies in Solaris 10. Friends came down last thursday and we did some drinking, made a good round of Bauer burgers, so much grease, so little time. Last weekend was up in Owen Sound for my cousins wedding which was also pretty good, had a few drinks. Back to Toronto today to pack before hopping the train at a god awful time of 6.55 tomorrow morning to head to Quebec City for a few days.

I did get some time to poke EWL a bit more. I did some more work on the selections, I’ve written it twice so far, but this version seems like it should do what I want. It’s currently selecting just seems to have an issue with segv’s. Hopefully when I get back from Quebec I can give it a few hours of love and make it all good to go.

Thats about it for now….