Lions HeadStacy and I went over to our new condo last night. We’ve got the keys, the paper works all done, so it’s officially ours. (Well, unless the bank takes it away, heh.) The we wandered around and made sure things work. It’s a good thing we did as we noticed a couple of wacky things. First, the hot/cold water in the washing machine are backwards. I’m guess this is related to the second where the hot/cold in the master bathtub are also backwards. Lastly, the two bathroom fans are connected. Turning one on turns the other on. Nothing too major (I hope). I’ve got to go over and give the management a letter today so I’ll see if I can get that figured out.

We’re making the final decisions on paint colours tonight. Not quite sure where that will go. We’ve got some ideas, but nothing set in stone as of yet. A couple of Stacys friends, Matt and Leah are helping us out. Their both designers so they’ll actually know what their talking about, heh.

After doing some packing, god damn it there are a lot of books in our apartment, I hopped on Xbox Live to play some hexic. Owen was also on, so we chatted and played some Cloned Clyde head to head. Fun game. Owens better then I am, but then, he’s played a shit-tonne more then me. Possibly a metric shit-tonne. Anyway, I’m loving the Xbox Arcade stuff, playing it more then the actual games I got with the 360. I wonder what the virtual console for the Wii is like.