I’ve had a writting project hanging over my head for the last couple of weeks at work. A nasty Sword of Damocles that has been waiting to drop. It’s due in a first draft form tomorrow sometime.

As usual, working in the office can be quite distracting. Between people coming up to ask questions, phone calls, emails and other things I wasn’t getting much writting done So, I took Wendsday and Thursday and didn’t bother to go to the office.

Instead, I spent the two days hopping between coffee shops at Young and Eglinton. Wendsday I managed to start at the Indigo Starbucks, moved to the Duke of Kent for lunch, went down to Tim Hortons, up to the other Starbucks then back across to road to the Indigo Starbucks again. Four cups of tea, four bottles of water and a dead battery on my iPod later I managed to get a lot of writting and formatting complete.

Today wasn’t quite so hoppy. I started at home as I had a conference call that was suppost to be at 11, which got postponed. So, I went to the Indigo Starbucks (I love the leather chairs they have there), then came home for the 2pm re-schedule. After that, back out to Tim Hortons and then the Indio Starbucks again. I’ve now been sitting at home for the past few hours with iTunes visualizations running on the TV.

I’ve actually been quite supprised at just how productive it can be to get out of the house and get out of the office and sit somewhere and work on something. I’ll have to remember that if I get another project like this one.

Only three chapters and one skipped section remaining before I can call it a night.