Well, I’ve got World of Warcraft running under wine again. I had removed it month or two ago when I switched to Solaris 10 on my desktop, but I’ve switched my desktop back to Linux so I’ve been trying to get it working.

My first attempt with cedega failed, the installed wouldn’t work correctly. I ended up canceling my WoW and transgaming accounts at that point as I didn’t want to deal with it. Then, I ended up re-loading my Linux box again (something I do all too often) and this time tried with straight wine. Which worked. I had to get two extra patches, one for a GLX issue where the game would crash after the load screen and a second so I could actually click on things to target them. But, it’s all good to go now. Got myself a shinny new lvl 8 Gnomish Rogue on the go.

I tried to play my old character (lvl 27 Night Elf Hunter) but for some reason, it had just lost its flair. Starting a new character has gotten me back into it again tho.

Hopefully I’ll be able to keep my soul.