I picked up Bioshock for my Xbox today and seem to be having nothing but trouble. I stuck the game in and started watching the intro screen and…..crash. Restart the system and it won’t get past the Xbox logo at the start. Rebooted a few times and got the dreaded Red Ring Of Death.

Luckly, after reading: The Red Ring of Death I discovered I had the full ring version which just means your cables are loose. So, I unpluged and repluged, cursed Stacy for hunting for cat treats behind the TV and started to load again.

Load it up and…crash. Even before the intro started this time. This was a terrible screaching, flashing screen, garbage crash. Ok, bitch. Stuck in Oblivion and that seemed fine so I figured I’d give it one last chance. This time seemed to be going pretty well. Got the game up, started playing, put about 30 minutes into the game and…..crash. This last one is apparenty known, seen by a few people over at the GameSpot forums. I was moving between biospheres when it happened.

Figuring OK, that’s enough screwing around with this tonight I’ll play some Warcraft. Now, I started to load this onto my laptop last night. I installed the game, took about 45 minutes. I didn’t bother to install Buring Crusade as that would just take longer. Start the game and patch download starts. OK, fine. 450 meg to go then I can play. 30 minutes later I spend 10 minutes while the patch installs. Boot game and it starts to down load another 400 meg patch. 30 minutes later I spend 10 minutes while the patch installs.

I was way bored at this time and didn’t feel like playing Warcraft anymore so I went back to fiddling with flickr. Anyway, I loaded the game up today to play and….patch download. It’s in the middle of a bloody 390 meg patch.

Sweet mother of god, can’t you just make one bloody patch to get me up to date? Or, be smart enough to download them all at one time instead of me having to start the game and get dropped out again?

And on the 4th day, god said, No fucking gaming.

I swear, that’s a direct quote.

Warcraft update…It finished the 390 meg patch. It then downloaded a 3.9 meg patch. Then another 4 meg patch. It’s now downloading a 42 meg patch.

Warcraft update 2….And then a 4.94 meg patch. Then 1.8 meg to update the tools and launcher. Then 1.7 meg to update the tools and launcher again.

Warcraft update 3….I, finally, got into the game. To be informed that my account has Burning Crusades set on it so if I want to play I’d better bloody install Burning Crusades. So, off I go for a 40 minute install.

Warcraft update 4….With Burning Crusade installed I start my treck back into the World of Warcraft only to be shot down by…what the fuck….it’s re-installing the 390 meg patch I already installed. At least it was smart enough to not delete the patch off my system so I didn’t have to re-install it. (As a programmer, it makes sense that it would have to re-install, I just wish before it installed it the first time it had been smart enough to tell me that I’d have to install Burning Crusade anyway and then the patch.)

Warcraft update 5…Of course, once that patch finished the 20 minute install session it has to rerun all the other patches it had installed after it. The two 4 meg patches down, it’s working on the 42 meg patch.

Warcraft update 6….The 42 meg out of the way, it redoes the 4.9 meg patch and proceeds to the 2 patches for the tools and updaters.