Has been a hectic weekend. We went up to Owen Sound on saturday morning with Stacy’s father and brother, kind of a meeting of the families. Went to my parents house for diner and stopped off at StoneTree to hammer out some of the wedding details.

We got a lot of it sorted out. Picked the meal, rented a projector, talked tables and linens and drink costs. All that fun stuff that needs to be sorted. About all thats left in that front is to tell them final numbers for the meal and make sure one of the deserts dosen’t contain lactose (which we mistakenly picked two cheese cakes to begin with). So, all that wedding jazz is coming along nicely.

While I was up Kirk had his camera up there and I was fidding with it. It’s a Cannon Digital Rebel, first generation I think. Man is that a sweet ass camera. I’m used to my little Nikon point and shoot thingy, but once you get the larger SLR in your hands and start fiddling with the options, it is a sweet sweet thing. I just wish I could affort one in some shape or form. Maybe I’ll take a look and see whats on Ebay at the moment.

We headed from Owen Sound back to Brampton on saturday night and this morning got up and went to look for fabric and a pattern for Stacys bridesmaids. Well, Stacy did. I sat around and read my bood, heh. Took the Go bus from Brampton back to Toronto in the early afternoon.

We’ve started to get reply cards back. I feel a bit bad as I still have to get two addresses and send out the invitations to those two people. Hopefully they don’t get the wrong idea, heh.

Anyway, off to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. we’ll see if it’s any good.