As you’ve probably noticed I’ve been delinquent with the whole blog thing again. I’ve been doing stuff to the blog, just not on the blog.

As you can see there is a new layout. I’ve converted from my custom Rails thingy to a Wordpress blog. The main reason, I can’t be bothered to update my code. Wordpress has other people working on it who can add cool things that I can use. I wrote some scripts to import all of my old posts with comments and to move my quotes over as well. So, everything should be as it was before. Managed to maintain my link names which is nice.

I’ve also started to setup a photo gallery again. I’m using Photostack and it seems to be working pretty well so far. They make it really simple to add new albums and things. I’ve only got some Amsterdam pictures up there at the moment. I’ll end up doing some theming on that too to make it match the rest of the site which is why it doesn’t show up on the sidebar yet.

The condo stuff is coming along nicely. I should be getting a call at some point today to go pick up the key (or I’ll just go up at 5pm as it has to be there then.) Everything has gone through that I know of. Now we just need to paint and move in. Almost there.

I’ve written a few EWL tutorials over on They’re introductions to EWL programming, although they do touch on some of the harder things like drag and drop support. You’ll basically end up with an image viewing application (showing a grid of images and then full images when clicked on) that allows you to drag images from another program onto it to display those images. The three tutorials are: EWL Introduction, EWL Introduction II and EWL Introduction III

The last big EWL thing is a nice Ewl_Text speed improvement. The Ewl_Text widget I wrote had never been optimized, we hadn’t had a lot of text in it before. This changed when pfritz wrote the syntax highlighting for C source files. Suddenly we had a lot of formatting nodes to deal with. My original tree approach fell apart under the load and I re-wrote it to use a simple linked list about a month ago. This managed to bring the time from about 6 minutes to 6 seconds, which is good. (The actual original time was 12 minutes which another small change dropped to 6 minutes). 6 seconds ain’t bad, but Nathan did some more profiling and noticed two hot spots in the code. One was when we validate the text we’re making an extra copy and another was how I was looking up some formatting nodes when converting indexes. Well, once I got the copying removed it dropped to about 5 seconds. Once I got the lookup fixed, we managed to hit 1 second, pfritz is seeming about 0.63 seconds. So, I’m quite happy with that. It now takes longer to draw then it does to create the formatting tree.

We’ll see if I manage to get back onto a regular blogging schedule again. Still a bit hectic with the moving and all going on at the moment.