So, Stacy and I were planning on going to Seattle this week for a vacation. We wandered off to the airport early this afternoon and arrived at about 2.20 (our flight was for 4.20 so lots of time.)

At this point we ran into what must have been the longest line I’ve seen in an airport. All queued up for the Delta checkin. Ok, fine, I’ve been in lines before, we join the line. We wait. And wait. And wait. Three steps every 10 minutes isn’t much progress. The clock rolls around to 3 and we’re starting to get a bit nervous. You have to check in an hour before your flight so we start looking around for any Delta people on the floor that we could talk to. There was an American Airlines guy but he was just helping his passengers through the Delta line.

At about 3.20 I jumped the line to ask the guy at the Delta counter if we should be moving up as we had the 4.20 flight. I was, tersely, informed that everyone in the line was waiting for the 4.20 flight. Back to the line I went. 3.30. 3.40. 4. 4.10. 4.20. By this point we were about 10 feet from the start of the roped off section marking the beginning of the line. According to the flight board our flight was still on time. 4.30. 4.50. 5. 5.10. Ok, about 10 people left in front of us in line. Well, except for all the people that keep budding into line. And the people that take 45 minutes at the counter. What could you possible be doing that takes 45 minutes and the ticket agent to be on 2 phones at the same time? Yes, she had a phone pressed against each ear.

Keep in mind, in all this time Delta hasn’t said anything to us. There are no Delta agents in sight except for the people behind the counter. The GTAA (Greater Toronto Airport Authority) agents keep telling us that a Delta agent will be out soon to tell us what’s going on. No Delta agent appeared.

5.30 rolls around and an agent stands up and says Ok, everyone in line will have to be rebooked on a flight tomorrow. At which point a lot of people go ape shit. The two ladies in front of us were trying to get a connection so they can get to England. It looked like that managed to brow beat the agent into giving them a ticket.

Stacy and I didn’t bother. I called up Expedia and after an bit time on the phone got a full refund from Delta and most of a refund for the hotel. We’ve got to pay for one night but that’s it. Not too bad. Sounded like she didn’t’ have too much trouble with the Delta office either. Other people in line were calling and Delta was telling them they were still able to get on the flight or it was their problem for being late (not what you want to tell someone after they’ve been in line for 3 hrs at your ticket counter.)

So, kudos to Expedia for getting everything cancelled and the refunds for us. Delta, bite my shiny metal ass. I’ll never book on your airline again.