I’ve been moving stuff around in ewl a bit over the last few days. Renaming things that didn’t make sense and cleaning up a bit of code (As I hide from the ewl_text widget for a while). So, here is a quick summary of what has changed recently (that I can remember).

First off after taking a look at some of the current callbacks we did a bit of cleanup/rearrangement. EWL_CALLBACK_HILITED is now removed as it was never used in the first place. EWL_CALLBACK_FOCUS_IN/_OUT have been renamed to EWL_CALLBACK_MOUSE_IN/_OUT as that was what it was actually triggering a callback for. EWL_CALLBACK_SELECTED/_DESELECTED have been renamed to EWL_CALLBACK_FOCUS_IN/_OUT as that’s what they were actually telling you.

Finally, the Ewl_Filedialog has been converted to extend from the Ewl_Dialog. So, you no longer need to make a separate window to embed the filedialog into. If you want to embed the dialog, embed the Ewl_Fileselector should be a good start for you.

Thats it for now. I don’t see any major renamings coming in the near term, but who knows.