A couple of random computer tidbits for my reading audience. If you ain’t a computer fan you probaby aren’t interested.

First, benr seems to have gotten his hands, or at least his work hands, on one of Suns sexy new Thumper boxes. So, this is what it’s like to initialize 20 terabytes of storage. God, that is one fucking smoking machine.

benr has also been busy with his articles on all things Solaris 10. His most recient article, Streamlining Zone Creation Thanks to ZFS Integration shows just how easy, given a recent Solaris build, it is to hook zones and ZFS together. The simplicity Suns got with these tools, and the power their hiding underneath is amazing.

The last little tidbit, more of a reminder to myself, is about my damn Ubuntu desktop. Seems, at some point in the last month or so, I managed to upgrade my kernel, or maybe my xserver, not sure which. This upgrade, when my compter was forced to reboot due to power outage, caused some nasty shit to go wrong. So, if you’re seeing your xserver hang, keyboard not responding although I can move my mouse, and you’re running nvidida, and you’re on an AMD64 machine, it’s possibly your AGP drivers. This post solved the issue for me.