As you may have noticed, I’m trying to get in the habit of updating this on a semi-regular basis (as opposed to my once every 1-3 month habit). We’ll see how it goes.

Still working on everburning. I’ve got the quotes and the news sections done and could, and may, put them online. I’m currently working on the photo gallery which could be difficult depending on what I do. I still have to check that textdrive supports rmagick, and if they don’t, if they’ll install it. But, assuming I get some time, I should have something up relatively soon. Once it’s up I’ll move this blog over there. I just like controlling my own stuff I guess.

I’ve been trying to get back into EWL programming and to that end have done a couple of little cleanups/fixes in the code. Nothing major, my brain isn’t ready to accept working on anything like ewl_tree2 or ewl_paned at the moment. I think it’s coming back, just taking a while.

Nathan has some interesting plans in the works to abstract out the EWL graphics a step further. I’ve currently pulled out the window and canvas code into engines (it was already wrapped in #ifdef’s just had to extract it out) but he’s thinking of taking it a step further and abstracting out all the evas/edje related calls in the code. This would give us the flexibility of completely changing out backend. So, you could have a gtk/pango backend along side the Evas/Edje backend.

I’ve actually been spending a bunch of my time lately looking up information on D20 Future. I’ve owned this for a while and Anderson is currently running a campaign in it for a couple people but I’m toying with the idea of making my own campaign. So, I’ve been looking up other peoples ideas and other tools that might be useful for this kind of thing. If you’ve got any suggestions send me an email and let me know. Not sure if it’ll pan out or not, I have a tendency to get bogged down in details (and with a whole galaxy to work with, that’s a lot of details.

On a final note, the wedding plans seem to be coming together pretty well. We sent out the invitations the other day and they’ve started to arrive (I still have to get two addresses, I’m a bad man, heh). Other plans seem to be coalescing into something coherent as well. It should all be good. I hope.