It’s been a hectic few weeks, but also nice and relaxing. Strangly enough.

As you probably know, I got married on the 26th of August. The ceremony was good, and the rain managed to hold off until about 10 minutes after our photos where finished. Everything turned out as planned and, as far as I know, everyone had a good time.

My brother did a fantastic job with the photos. He took something like 650 pictures, along with fixing things and picking up flowers. The pictures themselves look great, some need a little bit of touching up but I think we’ve got good pictures of all parts of the wedding. If I ever get the gallery part of eb done I’ll be putting some up.

We got some really cool wedding gifts, lots of kitchen stuff that we can use and Stacys father and brother got us a 32” HD LCD tv. It’s sweet. I picked up a Mac Mini with some of the wedding money (you can’t just put it all into savings now can you?). The tv has a HDMI/DVI input on the back so I can plug the Mac straight into it, the picture is amazingly clear. I’ve been playing around with iTheater a bit, sent them a few patches that I haven’t heard back on yet. I’ve gone ahead and made a bunch of changes that I think make the video section work and look better. There’s still a lot to do on it, but it at least works and lets us watch things.

The week in PEI was quite good. The cottage was really cool, nice and secluded with its own beach. We put about 1000km on the car with all of our driving around but nothing was rushed or hectic. We basically just went where we felt like, and if we wanted, sat at home and read our books.

I picked up a copy of Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X which was my book of choice to read on the trip. I think it’s the first programming book I’ve ever read cover to cover. I typically just read the parts I’m interested in and skip the rest.

The book is really well written, if you’re interested in doing some Cocoa programming then take a look. It gave me enough information to jump in and start writting things and do some patches for iTheater.

We also managed to watch the complete season 3 of Arrested Development on Stacys MacBook while we were there. Definately a series to watch if you’ve never seen it.

On the EWL front I spent a few days of my vacation time hacking up the code. I got the Icon theme code hooked into the stock icon system. Pretty icons all over the place. I cleaned up the file dialog to use these icons, and use the MIME type icons if possible for it’s display. It’s looking nice and clean now I think.

The Ewl_Icon widet will now thumbnail the image attached to it automatically. This is a nice memory saver as the thumbnail will never display bigger then it’s size anyway, no reason to hold the full size image in memory.

The last place I spent my time was with Ewl_Text. I’ve got a love/hate relationship with Ewl_Text. It’s been a lot of fun to write, by my god, it’s been a pain in my ass. I fixed up the alignment code so you can center, left or right align text. Fixed up the wrapping code so it should hopefully be word or character wrapping correctly.

And finally, the part that took about a day and a half. I got the UTF8 support in EWL all fixed up. You should be able to enter, edit, delete and scroll over UTF8 characters correctly. They should also work with selections correctly.

I’m sure I’m missing lots of stuff in this post, that’s kind of the problem with the big rollup posts, but hey, that’s life.