I’m finally, finally, back in Warcraft again. After umpteen patches and too many hours to count I can play again. As is my usual habit when coming back after not playing I’ve created a new character on a new server.

This time I’m Dalrei, the Night Elf Hunter on Ravenholdt.

I’ve played with a new character on the same servers as my other characters but I ended up mailing my new character the money and bags and stuff from the old character. I then used the old as a kind of bank to do all the auction house work.

This feels kind of, icky, to me. There is something you lose in the game when you start out with a couple 12 slot bags. You lose that sweet, I just found a 6 slot bag feeling. That decision on what to buy since you have no money.

I must have 12-15 characters scattered over a half dozen servers by now.

Anyway, we’ll see if I decide to renew my account. It expires on Tuesday (I cancelled it last week).

Or, maybe Bioshock will actually work when I try to play it tomorrow.