Stacy made me a pie for my birthday. (It isn’t my birthday yet, but as I previously lamented, she won’t be here for most of that.)


She made the one true type of pie. Lemon Meringue.

Now, I must say I like a good Lemon Meringue pie. But, and this is an earth shattering, birthday distroying, life altering but, it must be lemony enough. How lemony you ask?

Lemony enough to cause a slight curl to your toes when you eat it.

Lemony enough that if you don’t have a beverage on hand while eating it you lose the ability to swallow.

Lemony enough that if you eat 2-3 pieces in one sitting you have an over powering urge to throw up since it’s so bloody lemony.


In my official capacity as Lemon Meringue pie judge, Stacys was pretty close. The birthdays were saved. A small crack appeared in the moon but the earth didn’t shatter. My life was altered, in that I ate two pieces and it probably wasn’t a good waist-line based idea.