I’ve been using Digg for a while on recomendation of Basil, one of my co-workers. I read it through Sage (the Firefox RSS extension) so I see the title and then the blurb, I click the title and go to Digg and can click on the link to view the actual article or just read the comments.

Ok, good, everything is buzzing along nicely.

That is, up until a week or two ago. I guess their implementing some new features or something but now you have to log in to view certain stories. Through the RSS feed, this seems to be about 90% of the stories and there is no indication when viewing the header if you have to log in. So, suddenly 90% of the links I click on bring me to a login page. I’m sorry, I don’t want to log in. I don’t care to comment. I’m just here for the news.

I don’t like being tracked.

I put up with this for a week or two but as progressively more and more stories went behind the login screen I’ve had enough. So, fuck you digg. I’ll find my news somewhere else.