I’ve actually managed to finish one of those many things I’ve been working on for the last while.


I’ve had a re-write of the Ewl e17 theme on my plate for a while. I did the original version of the theme and didn’t really follow Ewl’s formatting rules, or know Edje for that matter. It was a bit of a mess.



I took a step back, wiped the slate and started fresh. The new theme, I think, looks pretty damn good. The main improvements are in the notebook tabs, tree headers and combo box. Don’t let that fool you. There have been changes all over the place, from smaller insets to a closer look with the default E17 theme.

Have a look, if you see any issues let me know.

pfritz has also finished and integrated his Ewl_Toolbar widget. It’s looking pretty good. I changed the theme around with my other e17 theme changes and I think it looks pretty cool at this point.