I’ve imported Postie to GitHub to make it easier to follow along from home. If you’re new here, you can see the development of Postie in the Heating up with HotCocoa articles (part I, part II and part III).

The code on GitHub is based off of the code from part III with a minor addition to the button action.

b.on_action do

  @timer.invalidate unless @timer.nil?
  @timer = NSTimer.scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval(30, target:self,
                                                  selector:"refresh".to_sym, userInfo:nil,

I wanted to have the application reload my metrics data automatically to feed my obsessive nature. I added a NSTimer that will execute a refresh method every 30 seconds. The refresh method just calls load_feed to reload everything. Not perfect, but works as a quick hack to be cleaned up later.