So I keep seeing news articles on how shows are losing viewers after they take their mid-season break. Jericho had a loss of users, and apparently its now been canceled. Heros also took a drop in viewers after their break so their adding in some six week thingy to fill the gap next season.

Here’s an idea, and it’s even free to you studio types. Drop the fucking break. Simple, eh? You won’t see the user drop as there is no break. I’m sure you’ve got a nice and silly reason for having the break, something about sweeps month or something. Well, guess what, as the networks just change the damn sweeps month. If you feel you always need to break for six weeks to get that last week of sweeps month in there. Move it forward six weeks.

You might even manage to stop pissing us all off. Trying to figure out when your shows come back on the air and having your PVR fuck off so you miss the episode. Which then means you end up skipping the rest of the season as you’ve just missed an episode, hence your drop in viewers.