Well I’ll be off on another work trip next week. I’m flying out at 1630 on Friday, should land in Amsterdam sometime Saturday morning.

I’ll be there until the following Saturday when I fly back at 0600, I think, landing in Toronto around 1200hrs.

Should be a fun trip. I’m flying out on the Friday and don’t have to start working until Tuesday so I’ve got three days to tour around the city (assuming I’m awake on Saturday). Then I’ve got the next Friday off as well. We were suppost to fly back on Friday but it’s a lot cheapter to stay until Saturday morning. Plus, I’ll have evenings to do as I want during the week (although I’m not exactly sure where we’ll be but it isn’t in Amsterdam).

All I’ve got to do is find somewhere to sleep for those three nights until I move to the hotel that work is booking for me. Minor details.