Went to an Our Lady Peace concert at the Mod club on monday. My friend Adam managed to secure tickets through some means (the mod club seems to old between 700 and 1000 people). Nice small venue, and a kickass concert.

They played a selection of songs from their new album and a good range of songs from their older stuff. The audience seemed quite into it, all in all, a blast.

Picked up the next day, and was quite disheartened (after opening it) to realize it was copy protected. I’m going to have to try to rip it onto my linux box or I won’t be able to listen too it at all as I don’t have a windows machine nor use a stereo. Else, I’m going to have to go and get it off of bittorrent. It really pisses me off when bands fuck with cds and make me resort to finding it on file sharing sites just to listen too it. It’s one of the few things a band I like can do to make me stop buying their albums (the same reason I don’t buy Perfect Circle albums anymore).

I know it isn’t always the bands fault, it maybe the record company, but still, whats the bloody point of alienating your fans.