It’s been a while since I updated my journal. Time seems to be marching on and it’s always a pain in the ass to keep up. I never was good at this ‘regular’ updating crap.

Anyway, since the last installment in our great adventure, christmas has come and gone. It was good stuff this year. Spent the day with my family, then some time with Stacys family. Some nice new toys to play with, all good. (Stacy got me a swanky new Nintendo DS, which I promptly forced Owen to purchase when he was in T.O. and we played rediculous amounts of Meteos.)

Anyway, as to the prompting for this post, I’ve just reloaded my computer and have been importing some of my old email back into my mail client. In the process I stopped and started to read some of the messages. (This is going back to 2000). A lot of stuff from classes in school, one sided conversations where I’ll see replies to things but no context, discussions of designs for my real-time class, data structures for the compilers class, taks about what to do for the entrepreneurship class, etc. It’s really interesting to see the messages and try to remember what was happening. Also seem to be a large number of messages about going drinking, particularly at Weavers Arms, heh.

I’m also quite enjoying going through some of the emails from my friends, planning the trip to Kalins wedding, taking about parties we went to, all that fun stuff. A little piece of my history that I haven’t seen in years.

It’s also pointed something else out to me that I’ve been very negligent about lately. I’ve got a lot of good people around me. It seems my friends were picking up on my moods, my thoughts and my ideas and they would either try to help me through it, or feed me new ideas. Which, I guess is what friends are for, but I’ve just never really noticed it, I guess because at the time I’m in the middle of said shit and don’t have time to look around (or, on the flip side, I’m just a shitty friend).

Also makes me a bit sad, sad that I’ve been remiss in keeping up with people. I had some really fucking cool people I hung out with in high school and university and I’ve been pretty quite on those fronts. There are a few people I still talk to, but by and large I’ve let a number of people slip through my fingers. I think I might have to try and do something about that. Renew some old ties, or at least see what people are up to at the moment.

I’d have to say I’ve never considered myself the life of the party, possibly the death, but that’s neither here nor there, but reading these old emails, maybe I was always wrong. (Which I noticed Adam pointed out to me in one of them, heh, yes, I’m usually down on myself. But then he won’t remember that was about 6 years ago, heh.) It’s strange going back and essentially examining a piece of your life that seems so long ago. (So much stuff has happened since that time.)

That’s enough rambling for tonight, it’s 0130 and while I probably won’t go to bed (hooked on Paper Mario again) I’ve been writing (and deciding if I should post) this for long enough.