So, I’ve been running ZFS on my server for a while and have continuously bumped into a problem where root was getting squashed. I tried looking everywhere I could think of for the answer but kept coming up blank. So, I broke down and asked benr and he pointed me in the right direction.

I had been trying to find things like the ‘sharenfs’ man page, which is the name of the zfs property. In fact, the page I wanted was ‘share_nfs’ and specifically the ‘root=’ option. So, in the end I ended up doing something along the lines of:

zfs set sharenfs=';root=@192.168.1/24'; oni/data
zfs set sharenfs=';root=@192.168.1/24'; oni/media
zfs unshare -a
zfs share -a

And everything seems to be good to go. I even managed to the the unshare/share without my mp3’s skipping.