Well, I’ve finaly done it, I got a new site up. I’ve been working on this on and off for months. Going through dozens of site designs, getting bored, coming back. Finally got a base pushed out today that I can build off of.

A lot of information isn’t here at the moment. I’ll have to see what I decide to bring back. I know I’ll bring the photos back just have to get that portion of the site written.

I’ve done this one in Ruby on Rails, which is pretty sweet ass for making websites, keeps the drudgery down and the coolness up. Which is probably why I’m moving my blog off of LiveJournal. LJ works really well at what it does but I like to be able to control, tweek and fiddle. Having all my data over here gives me that ability.

Not sure if I’ll pull the LJ posts over here or not. Maybe a few of the last ones, once I figure out the best way to do it.

Anyway, here it is, the shiny new everburning. We’ll see where this one goes.