Goblins 1

We went over to our friends Austin and Lori’s house on Saturday to do some St. Patty’s day drinking. While there we were taking a look at some stuff in their basement and I noticed Austins Warhammer figurines. He has a pretty good collection and they look really good all painted up.

Goblins 5

Today I decided to try my hand at painting some. I don’t have any desire to play Warhammer at the moment, I just want to paint the little guys. I did a bit of painting many, many moons ago but haven’t done it in a long time.

Goblin 3

So, I wandered up to the local gaming store this afternoon before going to read my book and picked up a few things. I got one Lord of Tzeentch that looks pretty difficult. He’s kinda my goal at the moment. To get started I picked up the Battle for Skull Pass Paint Set which comes with 10 Night Goblins.

Goblin 4

I then sat down for about 3-4 hours and painted them. It takes quite a bit of concentration, and in my case, a good bit of touching up as I go along. I’ll have to admit, it’s pretty fun. You can see the final product taking shape as you go along. I get a bit obsessive and try to fix up as many of my little mistakes as I can, which just takes more time.

Goblins 2

I think they came out pretty well. I’m also sure there are a lot of people that could do it better. I’m happy with the results. It was a good way to spend a few hours with an actual tangable thing that the end which is nice. I’m thinking I might go pickup another set, maybe dwarfs or something, to practices on next. Something to get me a bit more confidence before tackling the Lord.