I’m back from my work trips and wedding shower shenanigans. Was a long week but everything seemed to go pretty well.

Spend the week in Ohio on work. Everything there went smoothly. I think the customer was happy. I’ll find out in a week or so I guess. I think work is regretting letting me have 2.5 weeks off for my wedding as they may be in need of people to do some work during that time. But, damnit, this summer has been busy enough I want my time off to relax. So, unless told not too, I’m taking it, heh.

Was a little concerned about getting back over the border on my plane on Friday. I’d been hearing all kinds of things about no liquids, no electronics, only what you’re wearing and your passport. All kinds of stuff on what you couldn’t take on the plane.

With that in mind, I thought I’d be smart and got to the airport about 3hrs early, just in case there were lines or something. I, of course, got through security and everything about 5 minutes later and ended up sitting in the airport for those 3hrs. This wasn’t so bad. Ohio has free wi-fi in their airport which is nice. Got bored of the laptop and decided to read. Between that and the first half of the plane ride back I managed to finsh Outlander which was a good book. A lot of sex, but a good book. As I said, I liked it but I probably won’t read any of the others. Not exactly sure why. I guess it just didn’t take a tight enough grip on my balls to make me want to jump into another 800 page book.

I’d planned ahead in case I mananged to finish my book and brought Someone comes to town, Someone leaves town by Corey Doctorow with me. This one is shaping up to be an awsome book. I’m loving it so far, it’s just the right amount of wacky with technology type stuff, and set in Toronto, which is great.

Once back from Ohio I hopped in a car with Stacy and drove over to Fergus for the opening on the highland games. The tattoo was good, some really good bands playing. Fireworks were cool. Stacy picked me up a kilt as a wedding gift. It’s black and made of hemp. I should get it sometime in November.

Once the tattoo ended, it was up to Owen Sound. Stacy had a hair run through for the wedding at 8am on Saturday (which I in no way go up to drive her too) and then she had a bridal shower that morning. Sunday was another bridal shower, for both of us this time. We got some cool stuff. Lot of glassware which will come in handy.

Over that chunk of time I managed to get a bit of EWL work in there. I gave tree2 a bit of loving and it can now show rows. RbdPngn and I poked at it a bit more and the header can now resize the rows correctly and stuff is looking pretty good. There is a problem with setting the preferred size at the moment so it’s really small by default but we’ll get that worked out.

I also fixed ewl_tree to allow the columns to follow the header since the way we did it in tree2 could be easily ported over. A bit of other poking around here and there. I started playing with the icon situation in EWL. We don’t want to import all the icons from Tango or something in EWL as we don’t think that makes sense, but we do wany themers to be able to specify stock icons for things. To that end I started playing with ecore_desktop today to see if I could use that to get the icons. I don’t think it’s quite up to snuff yet as I don’t seem to get any of the icons I requested back. I’ll have to let ecore_desktop mature a bit more then I’ll come back and see if it’ll work for EWL.

That’s long enough for this. Well, one more thing. I’ve started to get a little bit of spam on here. I’m going to have to start thinking of ways to deal with it, so the comments system might need a bit of a change in the future. We’ll see what happens.