So, as you probably know, I play World of Warcraft. All well and good. I’m currently playing on a server called Deathwing. Deathwing, and a group of other servers went down last night and were out for most of the night.

I guess they went down today (and just came back online a few minutes ago).

I find it amusing just how much people over-react to this. Come on people, servers go down. They’ve gone down twice in > 30 days for me. Thats not bad. Comparing it to a car that only works for 75 miles every 4 hrs doesn’t even make sense (that’s off of the Warcraft forums, good reading if you want to see idiocy.)

But, the real reason I’m writting this is to reply to Basil and his post on the servers going down. I think he’s taking the wrong reaction. Which, for the ‘too lazy to follow the link’, is that Blizzard should have all the spare parts stocked up and their a bunch of dumbasses for not having this fixed right away. Or, they should have detailed descriptions of what went wrong and what their doing to fix it posted to their website.

Why didn’t they replace it yesterday? Well, maybe they fixed the wrong thing. Maybe they thought it was a hard drive issue and only discovered as the systems ran today that it’s a memory module failure causing corruption. Maybe the new part failed. You don’t know what the failure was so you can’t complain. Maybe they thought they could run with a temporary fix until Tuesday and scheduled maintenance but were wrong.

The part I find most amusing in this is people are getting up in arms over, wait for it, wait for it, 1$. You’re paying 15$ per month. So, 15$ for 30 days. 0.50$ per day. Oh, sweet mother of mercy, I’m not getting my fifty cents worth of service.