I’ve fallen a bit behind in recent months with the blog. Surprise surprise. Anyway, I’ve been traveling back and forth to Seattle a few times in the intervening days and have had a chance to consume some media. Instead of individual posts I’m just going to lump it all together.

First up, I purchased a copy of RubyCocoa in beta book form. I read through what’s currently available in about a day. Well written, easy to follow and a really interesting topic. I’m waiting impatiently for the next beta release so I can get some more of that Ruby + Cocoa goodness. (Well, besides doing a bit of ruby cocoa programming when I get time.)

Next up, for those long flights, I discovered the magic of screencasts. I purchased three series of these by The Pragmatic Programmers. The list of all screen casts can be found in their Screencasts section.

I grabbed the current videos for: Creating a compelling interface with core animation, Everyday Active Record and The Ruby object model and meta-programming.

As I suspected, it’s best to watch from the start even if you know the stuff they’re talking about. Makes it easier to follow along with the examples in the later versions. All three of these series are well written, well produced and, overall, well done. I’m going to be keeping up with them as they go along.

Wizards released Dragon #364 and Dungeon #155 as PDF downloads. I’d read a few of the articles over the month but I must say, both of these downloads were really well done. Lots of interesting information, well laid out, well written. Both turned out to be really good reads.

In terms of movies, I managed to keep my plane movie time down. One full length and ten minutes of another. The full length was the new Bank Job movie. This one was actually pretty good, Stacy would probably hate it, but it’s good for a few hours on an airplane. The second was 10,000 BC. I started this on a lark and thankfully the plane was landing 10 minutes later so I didn’t have to watch any more. Sweet god, talk about wooden. The mammoths looked cool, but that’s about all I’ll give it.