Well, the process of adding another ring to the tree of life is over. I got a really cool gift from my older brother. A Lego Mindstorms NXT set. This thing is really fucking cool. It’s got sound, light, ultrasonic and touch sensors in it. The controller is bluetooth enabled and is suppost to be an interesting toy from the hacking standpoint.

I’ve been digging my hands in a bit, built the ‘30 minute’ robot they have as an example and ran around after the cat freaking it out by having this car charge at it all the time. I then sat down and built the robotic human that they have in their tutorial program. It was pretty simple to put together. I skipped their programming stuff and wrote the program myself, so instead of walking in a straight line he kinda went in circles, but hey, it was my first program, heh.

I’ve been taking a look at the CenterStage project a bit lately. I gave up on the iTheater project after I didn’t get an email back on any of my patches after two weeks (I still haven’t heard back.) I figure, if their that unresponsive to a couple of small patches, even to tell me I suck, then the project can’t be going anywhere too quickly. The CenterStage guys got back to me after about two days and have been really suportive and seem quite happy with any help they can get. If you’re a programmer, looking for a media center type app on a Mac, take a look at CenterStage. I’m sure they’d be happy with the help.

Lastly, Stacy and I picked up the first season of House while we were in PEI. I kinda ignored it for a while and kept telling Stacy I’d get caught up to her but never bothered. I sat down on Saturday to watch an episode, and managed to watch four in a row. Stacy and I sat down last night and I ended up watching four more episodes last night. (Stacy wussed out early, something about getting up for work.) The show is going amazing. The writing is top notch and it just keeps you coming back for more. I’m hoping it can hold its current momentum through the second and third seasons.