Since I start my new job at AideRSS on Tuesday in Waterloo, Stacy and I have been busy getting the condo ready for sale. I spent a good portion of today steam cleaning the carpet in the living room.

While the steam cleaner works well at picking a lot of gunk out of the carpet it doesn’t do so well with cat hair. The hair just kind of clumps together into balls. Stacy spent a bit of time picking these up as our vacuum cleaner sucks.

Once we got sick of this method we went and bought a Dyson. If you don’t have a Dyson go buy one, it’s awesome. We didn’t have to steam clean the bedroom as the Dyson made the carpet look new. Damn, the amount of cat hair that thing sucked up. Was an impressive sight.

So, with the carpets almost clean, the holes in the walls filled and primed and about 1/2 of our stuff shipped up to my parents house, we should be ready to have this place on the market in a few days.

Here’s to hoping for a quick sell.