Been playing a few games lately. First up was Assassins Creed. I thought this game was fantastic. The graphics are amazing, the story is really good. A lot of reviews seem to complain that all the missions are all copies of one another, and I’ll admit they are fairly similar, but I didn’t even notice. It’s just too much fun to sneak up behind someone and stab them in the throat. This is the first game I’ve played straight through without injecting another game in the middle.

All in all, I’m very happy with the purchase.

Next up was Mass Effect. I borrowed this from Basil who said it was good. I’ve been playing for a few hours now and my god an I disappointed. The textures on the characters look like cheap knock offs compared to Gears. The loading scene goes away just to have more loading. The textures pop-in after loading. I’ve seen characters run their hands through their own bodies. The shadows move randomly all over the place. It feels like this game should have had another 6 months of development time to get it cleaned up. The story is interesting, but the tech behind it is missing the mark. (Whoever through radial menus was a good idea needs a beating.) I’m very glad I borrowed this instead of purchasing. Takes a bit of the sting out.

Oh, and the decision to have a Mission tab and an Assignment tab is silly. I spent about 3 hours doing the assignments as I thought they were the required missions for me to move on. Until I randomly got caught back into the main story that is. Very annoying.

I’ll play it through for the story but I feel the need to get Gears back from Basil to cleanse myself.