I stumbled across PeepCode last night. While it looks like a porn site it actually isn’t. Well, maybe geek porn. They sell programming videos on various topics. I watched a few of the free snippets and they were pretty good so I picked myself up a 10 pack.

I’ve got six of them downloaded at the moment:

I watched the TextMate for Rails video last night. The production quality is really good and he gets through a lot of the TextMate commands and features. I’ll have to watch it again as there are so many different TextMate keyboard commands.

The videos come without DRM and they provide normal sized (I watched them fullscreen on my laptop and there was no pixelization) and iPod sized if you desire. I love the fact that I can download them and store them on my server at home. No need to watch them on the site every time. They all come with full source code used in the video and some have extra little PDFs and resource link collections to give you more information on the subject.

So far, really well done. I’m just waiting for a few more to come out as I’ve got 4 credits remaining. (Although I’m considering getting the JavaScript with Prototype.js video.

As a side note, while I was watching the video I noticed a text editing program, which I can’t remember the name of in the background. The website for that editor pointed me to Scrivener which looks kinda interesting if you’re a writer.