Downloaded the new Radiohead album, In Rainbows, last night. Paid about 14$ CDN for it, which I think is fair based on their previous albums. It would have been 15$ CDN except the order form is too stupid to understand the cents field.

The album is pretty good. Only really listened to it once through so far, will need to give it a few more spins but I’m liking it. Wish there was album artwork so it would show up in iTunes nicer.

The one main issue I had was that the order form sucks a nut. Everything is terribly slow, things don’t work quite right, buttons still say pre-order when the album is available. Updating your order appears to do nothing. At least the download was fast.

I like the idea of pay-what-you-want but they could use a lot of work on their implementation. Part of their terms and conditions says they can email you extra stuff. Could suck if they abuse that, would be enough to make me avoid future releases through that company again.