dscn0399It’s been a fairly scattered few weeks. I’ve been jumping between books and things I want to poke. In no particular order the books/documentation I’ve perused over the last week or two:

Of these, I managed to complete Old Man’s War in about a day (awesome book). The Ghost Brigades took about two days (another awesome book). Luckily, I haven’t been able to find the third book in the series in a look bookstore.

The rest of them, well it’s been a fairly random ride. I’ve been enjoying all of the books I just haven’t had the attention span to give a push all the way through any of them. I think this is more a side effect of not having found a project to work on yet. We use EventMachine a lot at work, so that would be interesting to poke at, I also have a few iPhone app ideas I’d like to kick out. Or, maybe, I’ll got play Fear 2 instead.