So, the local Rogers store got some iPhones in today. Stacy and I went up to grab two. We got Stacy’s without too much hassle (cost an extra 25$ but not too bad), she’s a proud new iPhone owner.

Getting one for me, well, thats another story. When we got Stacy’s it used our ‘upgrade’ credits from Rogers. The credits reduced a 150$ service charge to 25$. So, trying to get mine we didn’t have any of those credits so the iPhone would cost me 350$. That’s more then half again the price of the 200$ phone. In order to get the iPhone for the 200$ normal price I have to wait until my account gets its credits topped back up. Which will be a few months, which conveniently for Rogers is when the 6gig/30$ deal is no longer available so I’d have to get the 100$ plan to get the same amount of data.

I tried to explain to them that by not getting the phone I won’t be signing up to their 30$/month data plan. So, in 6 months they would have made their 150$ plus extra back. That didn’t fly, with the iPhone they won’t make exceptions.

The really stupid part, this is all because I’m an existing Rogers customer. If I was a new signup I’d get the 200$ price, no problem. Because I’ve been a Rogers customer for a few years I get screwed.

Hows that for customer satisfaction?