As usual, it’s been a busy few weeks. The condo is still a bit of a mess but it’s getting cleaner. We’re shuffling things around in the office so it looks like a tornado hit it. Lost the damn cord for the Rogers terminal. Going to have see if it appears out of the rubble.

In other news, took a quick trip up to Owen Sound on the weekend. Spent most of it gaming, although we did go over to a friends house for some drinks and cheese. Mmm, cheese. Tasty cookies too. Was a pretty good weekend. Hooked up with my parents for dinner, tried to call Mike for coffee, but no answer. The bus trip kinda sucked tho. Three hours on a bus where you sit with your knees pressed to the seat in front of you isn’t so fun. Did get through a good chunk of my book which is nice. Gaming was a lot of fun. Not something I get to do too often anymore which kinda sucks. I was pretty convinced my character was fucked for a while but managed to get it worked out.

After a good weekend of gaming I’ve been spending time contemplating running my own game. I know the other guys would love me to do it, but I just haven’t got there yet. After trolling the forums on Monte Cooks site for a while I ran across Robin’s Laws of Good Gamemastering which looked kind of interesting so I picked up the PDF version last night. Have I mentioned I love my laser printer? I’ll have to give it a read through and see what I come up with.

Thinking of running a game invariably leads me into thinking of writing a program to help run a game with. Something with the relevant stats/listings from the SRD documents along with a wiki style setup for creating notes and other stuff. The ability to generate maps would be nice. I tried to look for some good, free, mapping software for OSX last night but didn’t come across anything. We’ll see if I get started before my ADD kicks in or not.

In EWL news Nathan got the drag and drop code up to a basically complete state. There are some changes we could do, and some enhancements, but the plan is to let it sit for a while so people can poke at it and see where it bleeds. This was a pretty big chunk of work. We didn’t think so originally, but it ended up requiring a lot of changes all over the place. So, good work Nathan. Now, fix the mess I’ve made of tree2, heh.