Well, I just spent about 30 minutes trying to figure out why the hell my nic wasn’t working. SMF was yelling at it during boot.

What I discoved is this, if your getting a SIOCSLIFFLAGS assign requested address type error message there are a few things to check. First off, make sure the hostname that /etc/hostname.skge0 (skge0 will be different for you probably) mentions is the in /etc/hosts and only in there once. Make sure the hostname in /etc/hosts has the correct ip. And finally, the piece that killed me, make sure that same hostname isn’t in /etc/inet/ipnodes file as this will cause it to screw up.

And just so I can remember, setting up a router is done by putting the ip address of the router in /etc/defaultrouter. Setting your domain name is putting the domain into /etc/defaultdomain. Finally, to set your hostname put it in /etc/nodename.

These pointers maybe all incorrect, or blatantly obvious, but their working for me, and all caught me up at one point or another, heh.