As you may have read previously, Stacy and I have decided to delay our trip to Europe. It probably won’t happen on the scale I was originally thinking, leaving for a few months, but we’ll definately get there for a visit. On the plus side, this means we should be able to go to a friends wedding in Cuba next year.

Anyway, with the scuttling of the Europe plans, I’ve started to poke my nose back into the job market. I’ve been enjoying my time at TrekLogic for the last four years but I think it’s becoming time for a change.

My problem being, I’m quite comfortable in my current job, which makes me quite picky when looking for a new job. Which typically means I don’t qualify for the jobs I apply too, which kinda makes it hard to get an interview, heh.

Well, I figure I’ll link my resume off of here, that way it should get indexed by Google and other search engines. Maybe a cool job will find me. Google, this means you.

A guy can dream can’t he?