Well, Nathan has done it again and sucked me back into doing Ewl work. I’ve been taking a break for a week or so as I was getting annoyed with various aspects of the Enlightenment project.

I’ve been off playing with OpenSolaris and submitted my second patch. We’ll see if it gets committed.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time playing Crackdown for the 360. It’s a lot of bloody fun. There is just something satisfying about running down criminals at high speeds and tossing grenades on their heads from the rooftops.

Anyway, as I said before, I’m back playing with Ewl. Nathan has been looking at a patch I created to split the Ewl_Text widget into several smaller source files. I commited one part of this previously, the Ewl_Text_Context code. The second part of the split is getting the formatting information into Ewl_Text_Fmt and hide the implementation a lot better. The code is all written, we’re just in the debug state. Nathan has been poking at it and asking me questions over the last week.

Tonight he managed to suck me back in. He tracked down the likely cause of the position counters going negative and I’ve got that part fixed. Other stuff still needs to be fixed up.

The longer you work on a project the more code you invest and the more mental state you invest. That investment makes it hard to sit back and watch as everything gets re-invented over and over again. Poisonious people pop up and drive the desire to work right out. On the other hand, the code’s still there, there are still bugs to fix, and some of the people are really cool. I think, every now and then, you just have to say ‘toss it’ and go away for a while. Just ignore the project. Wait for something to draw you back in and make it interesting again.