Ever since I signed up to the gym I’ve been wanting to get a new pair of headphones. I’ve got a set of Sennheiser’s that I use at work at the moment but they’re a bit big for the gym.

There was a link off of Life Hacker for an article: [Earbuds for Fashion and Sound That Adjust So They Don’t Fall Out NYT. I checked out the article, check out the Apple Store. Stacy picked me up a pair on her way home from work.

Fucking fantastic.

These things are awsome. I was shaking my head around, enough to throw my glasses across the room and they stayed in. They sound phenomenal. I can turn them up as loud as I want and other people can barely hear them. A real problem with my Sennheisers. The sound is equally great, I can finally listen to Tool loud enough to get all the subtle stuff they stick in there.

So, if you’re looking for new earbuds, check out the Vibe by V-Moda. Highly recommended. (And Gunmetal Black is just a cool colour.)